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Latest comments:

bazam... 20 Feb 2019
i improve my English every day.
Huge Thanx for developer.
nz.vl... 21 Feb 2019
Good job on keeping studying! Thanks for the feedback :)

annelie.thur... 28 Oct 2017
Some of the translations to Swedish are not correct. I wonder about your source. I was going to recommend this site to my English students, but feel I am not able to since several translations are incorrect.
nz.vl... 28 Oct 2017
Thanks Annelie for your interest.
The source is a google translator! Unfortunately it is not perfect!
However I would love your students to learn those 3000 words!

Lets try to fix it? I will share with you the entire list with Swedish translation and if you got a spare hour or two would you double check and fix some words?

I will copy them back to the program and your students can start! :)
annelie.thur... 28 Oct 2017
Sure, I'll help you. Send me the list and I will look through it.
nz.vl... 29 Oct 2017
Let me know please, if you received the list with words!
annelie.thur... 29 Oct 2017
I did. Will check it out and get back to you. Some words can be both a verb and a subject, in English, with completely different meanings, making translating tricky. To row is different from having a row, but I will do my best.
nz.vl... 29 Oct 2017
Cool! If there are two meanings and they both important can use comma. Otherwise select the most important meaning! Better to know something then nothing! :)

bediz... 18 Oct 2017
When I started to read I felt "I am not alone"..It is really amazing! Many thanks for app.
all the best

nz.vl... 18 Oct 2017
You are very welcome! Enjoy!

1967ukr... 6 Oct 2017
Не працює настройка.
nz.vl... 10 Oct 2017

ttaski... 5 Sep 2017
Спасибо! Очень удобная и полезная программа! С удовольствием прокачиваю свои знания.
nz.vl... 17 Sep 2017
Glad you like it

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